McLean Building Lot For Sale

McLean Building Lot For Sale

Tour Kent Model New Home In McLean

New Kent Model Mediterranean New Home Video Tour.

Prime McLean and Bethesda building lots for sale. If
you’re in the market for brand new construction homes
we have a very large list of prime building lots for sale
in McLean, Bethesda, Chevy Chase, Arlington, Potomac,
Falls Church and Washington DC. Here is our Greentree
new home model:


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1328 Mayflower Drive McLean New Home For Sale

Take a Look a this new home to be built for sale in Mclean:

This custom luxury new home will be sited on a phenomenal corner lot
in McLeans’ Broyhill neighborhood.

The new home will be in the McLean High School cluster and will start around $1.4M.
To learn more about this McLean building lot and other McLean new homes for
sale call 301-370-6463.

Here is another new custom home we designed and built
on Dulany Drive in McLean.

Click here to see this new home in McLean

Fall Creek New Home For Sale McLean, Virginia

Fall Creek new custom home for sale has first floor master suite:

This can be built on some of our building lots for sale in McLean Virignia
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Check out other McLean new homes for sale here.
Check out other first floor master suite new home plans.

Award Winning New Home Berkley 24 Built in Bethesda

Take a video tour of this award winning new home

This new home was built in Bethesda Maryland.
Looking for teardown lots in Bethesda, McLean, Chevy Chase, Arlington to build your dream home on, but don’t see anything on the internet real estate services you like? We have the largest list of “private teardowns” you’ll never see anywhere else. Email or call 301-370-6463 to see how you can access these properties

Teardowns & Building Lots For Sale

Largest List of New homes and building lots for sale in McLean, Bethesda, Arlington, Chevy Chase, N.W. D.C., Falls Church & Potomac


New homes and home building lots for sale:

You can also check the latest new home inventory at
You’ll see new homes and building lots for sale in Arlington, Bethesda, Chevy Chase, McLean, Potomac and N.W. Washington D.C.
There are properties for sale in the Town of Somerset, Wesley Heights, Town of Chevy Chase, Spring Valley, Kent, Bannochburn, Section Five Chevy Chase and the Palisades.

Be sure to check our site regularly since the new homes and home building lots for sale change frequently. Get early jump on the competition, here’s just a few new homes we’re planning now (list changes frequently). Prices include new home + lot:


  1. McLean starting at $1,373,330 approx. 14Ksf lot

  2. 6412 Dahlonega Rd. Bethesda starting at $1,578,844 approx. 12Ksf lot

  3. 5200 Murray Rd. Brookdale Chevy Chase starting at $1,794,600 approx. 11Ksf lot

  4. 7219 Marbury Ct. Bethesda starting at $1,556,888 approx. 12Ksf lot

  5. 5908 Rolston Rd. Bethesda starting at $1,367,333 approx. 9ksf lot

  6. N. Arlington starting at $1,598,403 approx. 13Ksf lot

  7. 3834 8th Street S. Arlington starting at $999,566 approx. 15Ksf lot

  8. 6317 23rd Rd. Street Arlington starting at $1,578,019 approx. 13ksf lot

  9. 5908 Beach Ave. Bethesda starting at $1,599,941 approx. 7ksf lot

  10. East Bethesda starting at $1,399,941 approx. 7Ksf lot

  11. Elgin Lane Bethesda starting at $1,665,754 14Ksf lot

  12. West Chevy Chase starting at $1.54M approx. 6Ksf lot

  13. Town of Somerset starting at $1.89M approx. 8Ksf lot

  14. 8808 Chalon Drive Bethesda starting at $2.7M 1 acre

  15. 8225 Custer Rd. Bethesda starting at $1.68M 12,300 sf lot

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Before you buy a teardown or a building lot consult with us to determine the feasibility, design and costs of the new home.

Here are 3 steps to finding your perfect building lot:

1. Determine your budget

2. If schools are important, which schools do you want to target?

3. What is the size building lot you would want?